Greve & Associates provides services to a variety of clients including developers, architects, environmental consultants, commercial and industrial firms, and local government entities.  Fred Greve, the founder of Greve & Associates, has over 30 years of experience as a Professional Engineer specializing in noise control, air quality, and greenhouse gas studies.  We are proud to offer the following services. 


Acoustic/Noise Studies for Developers and Architects – Noise studies that address requirements imposed by City or County jurisdictions are prepared on a regular basis.  Most commonly these studies address indoor and outdoor noise standards for projects that are located near major roadways, railroads, airports, or other significant sources of noise.  Partition analysis for multi-family and hotel developments are regularly performed in order to insure that the walls and floors separating living units will adequately stop noise.  Air conditioning units, emergency generators, and pool equipment are other sources of noise associated with new projects that are regularly addressed.


Noise, Air, and Greenhouse Gas Assessments – The California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and other environmental laws commonly require noise, air quality, and greenhouse gas impact assessments for new projects.  Projects that are assessed run the entire gambit from small residential developments to new master planned communities.  Specialty projects such as new factories, commercial centers, amphitheaters, and amusement parks are examples of projects that have also been evaluated.


Noise Compliance Studies for Commercial and Industrial Sites – Compliance with the local noise ordinance can be a critical issue for many projects.  Both future projects and projects currently in operation are evaluated.  Operations that commonly require noise ordinance compliance studies include commercial centers, automotive facilities, bars, restaurants, cell phone facilities, and factories.


Services for Cities, Counties, and Government Agencies – The services provided to local jurisdictions vary widely and our broad experience allows us to us tackle any issue in the areas of noise, air quality, and greenhouse gas.  Peer reviews, noise compliance measurements, Noise Elements of the General Plan, development of noise ordinances, and Climate Action Plans are just some of the services provided to cities and counties.